2Q 2024 (planned opening)
Av. Vespucio intersecting with Presidente Riesco, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Mixed-use - class A offices, retail, F&B, spaces for culture, gardens and well-being.

Territoria Vespucio

A project conceived and designed with the vision of how workspaces should meet the needs of entrepreneurs; hingeing on values that promote a healthier lifestyle and that connect efficiency with sustainability and well-being.

Territoria Vespucio is located in the heart of the city's green corridor, connecting Metro stations with bike lanes and urban parks, enabling people to balance their worklife with their values and priorities.

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1Q 2022 (planned opening)
Av. Apoquindo 2750 – El Golf – Las Condes – Santiago – Chile
82,000 sqm GLA and parking
Mixed-use – 4 buildings of class A+ offices and a market on 8 levels that integrates retail, F&B, spaces for culture, plazas and gardens.

MUT – Mercado Urbano Tobalaba

MUT (Mercado Urbano Tobalaba) is the first urban market in Chile. It represents a new category of mixed-use project at the centrally-located block that intersects Apoquindo with El Bosque Norte.

MUT is the evolution of the original market concept, maintaining the all-important commercial and cultural exchange with an added focus on sustainability that seeks to improve the quality of life of current and future generations.

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Isidora Goyenechea 3520 – Las Condes – Santiago – Chile
11,770 sqm
Oficinas clase A


This project represented a landmark on the Isidora Goyenechea avenue, within the iconic and most prestigious El Golf district. It became consolidated as an example of the city's most leading edge architecture. Innovative design, premium quality standards, excellence in every detail and the utmost attention to the user's experience, as characteristic components.

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Av. Vitacura 2969 – El Golf – Las Condes – Santiago
13,628 sqm
Oficinas clase A


The project was designed by the prestigious architectural studio Handel Architects LLP in New York. Its distinctive shape is an important characteristic of the skyline in the west of the El Golf district, on a site with three imposing facades. The building maximizes natural sunlight and views of the surrounding urban environment, with its unique shape of six rectilinear staggered volumes, that create a dynamic sequence of interior and exterior space that respond to the very latest trends in design. The project was completed in 2008 and was sold to CGE who completed the construction in 2014.

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Isidora Goyenechea 3250, El Golf, Las Condes – Santiago – Chile
4,500 sqm
Oficinas clase A

La Pastora

La Pastora was one of the first class A office projects to be built in the new business district of El Golf towards the end of the 90's when the sector was in full development. It was designed according to the most modern trends in design and innovative construction standards of the time for the local market. It was developed to meet the needs of the city's new business hub and the growing presence of international companies in Chile.

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El Regidor 66 – El Golf – Las Condes – Santiago – Chile
10,500 sqm
Class A offices

El Regidor

This building crowns the institutional plaza in the heart of the Las Condes borough, home to the new Las Condes municipality building, the Las Condes Theater and the Hotel Ritz Carlton. It was designed with innovative lines, shapes and materials and became a reference point for modernity within the context of urban renewal that was taking place in the El Golf neighborhood. It is a building with character that dialogues with the surrounding green spaces and offers excellent views of the Los Andes mountain range. Furthermore, it provides visitors with high quality spaces and a distinctive corporate presence.

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Tocopilla 4, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
800 sqm

Hotel Awasi

Awasi is a boutique hotel that was designed in complete harmony with the surroundings and with the culture and traditions of the Atacama region. This house was built with stone, wood and mud, inspired by age-old indigenous villages, and is committed to ensuring that each and every detail create a unique experience for the travellers who come in search of an unforgettable Atacama desert experience.

Developed and operated by Territoria until 2009, when it was sold to private investors.

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Isidora Goyenechea 3000 – Las Condes – Santiago – Chile
11.531 m2
Class A Offices.

Isidora 3000 and W Hotel

This project features the most premium location within the city for the highest standard of offices for the local market. Isidora 3000 Offices has become a reference point for class A offices in Santiago, and home to the most prestigious companies present in the El Golf district. The 17 floors assigned to offices integrate with a wide variety of elements in the project's whole program and blend in with the urban context of this exciting city.

Furthermore, it incorporates the first W Hotel in Latin America: with 196 exclusive rooms that revolutionized the local market with its innovative design and style. The project breathes a leading edge and sophisticated ambience, with an explosion of colour and energy according to the work of the famous interior designerTony Chi. This converted the W Santiago into the city's best hotel.

The project is part of Starwood's global portfolio since 2009. It was sold to Prudential in 2010.

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Apoquindo 2827 - Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
16,603 sqm
Class A Offices and retail.

Territoria El Bosque

Territoria El Bosque is the perfect combination of nature, design and technology to improve people's worklife experience and quality of life. A boutique building, that is both refined and provocative, it was designed by Handel Architects LLP (NY) on the emblematicAvenida Apoquindo. It was conceived in line with global trends of sustainable design and has LEED Gold certification. It was sold to GLL Real Estate Partners in 2013.

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