We develop urban spaces that make a positive contribution to the common good

We create projects that envision a shared experience of urban life.

More pleasant and sustainable cities that enable us to live in community.

Our projects

Projects for 21st century needs

At Territoria we focus on people as individuals and as a community.

The study, analysis and interpretation of human needs and desires is the basis to enable us all to live in more sustainable, collaborative, connected and respectful cities.

We have a radical commitment to the environment

We believe that protecting the environment and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle must be the basis on which we build today's real estate developments.

Our projects connect with public transport systems, encourage the use of bikes and have rigorous 360° sustainability programs that include a 100% use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy, the responsible and efficient use of water, recycling and waste reduction. These commitments and actions place us firmly at the leading edge of real estate developers.

Life is community.

No man is an island. We are a species that depend on each other. We are united by invisible bonds. Not just the bonds between people, but also with our surroundings and ecosystems.

These links are what create community.
Our shared experience of urban life.